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Unlock your online category potential with actionable brand commerce tools that enable brands to take swift action and grow ecommerce revenues. 

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Ensure you have full visibility of your online retail performance with unrivalled retailer coverage.
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Why we are the right partner

We are fundamentally different, offering three key promises that ensure you gain a competitive advantage online.

Best Digital Shelf Platform

Our service is built by seasoned CPGs who know how to win online. A full Category view, intuitive data tailored to job roles and functions.

Committed to Your Results

We make a commitment to work in partnership with our clients to deliver demonstrable ROI. On average our clients see an 8X ROI with us.

Best Customer Success Team

Our customers are supported by seasoned eCommerce experts who work with you meet your objectives.

Best platforM

e.fundamentals digital shelf analytics help drive your brand and optimise ecommerce performance.    

Efficient and effective tools to optimize the digital shelf..
Digital Shelf - Fix the Basics

Fix the basics

Track non-compliant product content, and optimise & audit your digital shelf content to maximise sales vs competitors.
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Easy to buy

Are your products ranking in retailer search? Measure your share of shelf and identify opportunities to drive visibility. 
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Learn from shoppers voice 

Aggregated shopper feedback, ratings and reviews. Know what your customers are saying about your products. 
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Smart Pricing 

Smart pricing provides visibility
by SKU of changes in pricing
across the entire category with alerts to your inbox.
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Sell the benefits 

Ensure your brand messaging across all your SKUs is optimised to drive visibility and brand compliance across your key retailers.  
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winning campaigns - digital banner ad tracking analytics

Winning campaigns

Category and competitor promotions insights. Track your promotions are active and measure share of media.
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deliver value that counts

Deliver value that counts

Assortment and availability insights, identify gaps in your offering and measure your share, avoid delisting and get store by store level analytics.
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Execute your category vision

Bringing to life visibility of your
category drivers execution online.
Bespoke dashboards to reflect your category strategy & performance.
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What is a Digital Shelf Platform

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e.fundamentals is the eCommerce insight platform that CPG companies use to empower their teams, transform sales and profit performance in online stores.

Focused on your digital commerce needs 

Incredible analytics built on a foundation of CPG ecommerce expertise  

Reliable, accurate, innovative and comprehensive insights to keep you one move ahead.  
Track your share of media with e.fundamentals banner tracking


The solution built for CPG teams to transform online category performance.

You need the data that tells you exactly which actions to take to grow your brands’ Digital Shelf performance without wasting time gathering data manually from multiple sources. 

We give CPG brands the tools and insights to optimise product performance and category management across online retailers.

Tailored to your commercial objectives

Our fundamentals framework is the most precise, accurate, and intuitive eCommerce insights dashboard

Looking to understand how to grow your category performance? We help you achieve this through accurate, daily scoring and reporting presented in the market’s most intuitive dashboard. It’s not just data — we give you focused category management insights personalised to your brand’s individual needs. .
Digital Shelf Scorecard Service

Benchmark and optimise performance 

Simple to understand scorecard metrics and alerts keep you focused on opportunity areas to increase revenue.

A full category view helps you to understand your performance across global retailers, categories and markets. It also enables you to monitor and understand competitor strategy.

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Digital Commerce 2021 Decoded - How to get competitive advantage on the digital shelf.

eCommerce Performance analytics is critical for CPG growth. Learn how the right Digital Shelf Analytics platform can drive your digital commerce performance in 2021..
eCommerce strategy 2021

Tailored and relevant for all teams

Explore how e.fundamentals eCommerce performance analytics is built around core functions of your team. Intuitive and relevant insights that direct focused action to the next opportunity to drive category share and sales.  


Delivering key metrics to eCommerce teams hat help detemrine category trends to fuel online growth.


Insights deigned to help marketers ensure brand consistency across all omnichannel touchpoints. 


Equip frontline sales and account teams with the insights to deliver profitable revenue and sales growth.

Category Managers

Data insights that help teams better understand category drivers and the quality of category strategy execution across retailers.

Shopper Insights

Automated data delivery on NPD launches and Shopper feedback that enable teams to take profitable actions..


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One size does not fit all – we know that your company will have unique needs and we’re here to help configure our platform and reporting to focus on the measures your business cares about most.

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e.fundamentals is the leading digital shelf analytics  provider for CPG brands looking to analyze, measure and optimize eCommerce performance. We turn complex data from hundreds of retailers into actionable insights that enable eCom teams to take fast actions to drive sales and conversion on the digital shelf.



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