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e.fundamentals Digital Shelf Scorecards provide a rolled up view of your brand’s global health and make it easy to spot opportunities to drive performance across Retailers, Categories and SKUs that matter most to your business. 
Digital Shelf Scorecards - e.fundamentals

 Key Features

Our Digital Shelf Scorecards Give You Clear Visualized Ecommerce Performance Tracking 

 Get a snapshot view into your digital shelf performance and make it the starting gun to identify action areas for category improvement that drives profitable growth.  
Digital Shelf Scorecards

Increase Visibility

Know Exactly What Is Impacting Your Digital Shelf Health

Identify immediate opportunities for sales improvement.  Filter and report by retailer, category or brand and make your data relevant to the key roles that need to take action.

track What matters

Monitor All Your Critical Digital Shelf KPI's.

Measure what matters to your brand with month on month performance tracking.
Measure Image & Naming Compliance Across Your SKUs.
Monitor Availability.
Search Performance Branded, Sponsored and Organic .
Aggregated Shopper Ratings & Reviews Data.
Turn Scorecard Data into Action with e.fundamentals Digital Shelf Analytics

Translate Data into action

Uncover The Detail Behind The Score With e.fundamentals  

Use e.fundamentals DSA platform to identify the detail behind what is impacting your performance and turn those report card insights into actions your front line teams can execute.
Drill down into the fundamentals impacting your performance.
Clear Actionable insights made simple for day to day users.
See how competitors are impacting your scorecard metrics.
Digital Shelf Scorecards

Focus on Growth

Scale Your Results, Maximize Category Performance

A holistic view of the data that matters. With our Digital Shelf Scorecards you get a ready made solution that gives you the top down performance data to benchmark, assess and adjust performance at every level, everywhere.
Track Unlimited SKU volumes on our Growth & Enterprise Solutions. 
Track All Your Retailers In One Scorecard. 
Exportable Data

Our Digital Shelf Scorecards 

A Fit for Every Brand


Our Growth Digital Shelf Scorecards are ideal for brands looking to focus on gaining actionable insights across a single market. 

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Track an unlimited number of SKUs & Retailers
Track month on month performance changes
Multi Location Tracking
Track up to 300 Search Terms
Configurable Metrics, Targets & Weightings
Exportable Scorecard Data
Brand Analytics Dashboard
Rolled up market reporting


Our Enterprise Digital Shelf Scorecards are ideal for global brands requiring multi market performance tracking and rolled up reporting for executive level reporting.

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Track Critical KPIs with rolled up market reporting. 
Brand Analytics Dashboard. 
Multi Location Tracking. 
Track Over 300 search terms. 
Track month on month performance changes. 
Configurable Metrics, Targets & Weightings. 
Freeze historical scores 
Exportable Scorecard Data 

The Fundamental 

Why ambitious CPGs choose e.fundamentals for Digital Shelf Analytics (DSA).
The only DSA provider that shows your entire category as standard
You can only beat your competitors if you know what all of them are doing. We cover your entire category as standard:- 
- ALL the brands, 
- ALL the skus, 
- ALL the prices 
- ALL the promotions.
The only DSA provider that commits to a minimum 4x ROI commitment (average = 12.1x)
If our competitors were as effective at generating sales and margin, why don’t they commit to results? The most important metric in our company is our rolling 3-year average ROI, which is currently x 12.1. We generate incremental $12.1 across the board for every $1 spent with us.
The only DSA provider that gives you a fast start without set-up fees or user limits.
- No set-up fees for deployment or implementation
• No limits on the number of users - cross-team collaboration is vital.
• No costs of data migration
- Little input needed from clients to get going.
The only DSA provider that’s with you every step of the way, every day. 
Others sell then disappear. Our partnership approach gives you:
• Induction workshops
• Monthly scorecards
• Dedicated account support
• Regular check-ins
…all from true CPG experts who are incentivised to help you grow sales and profits by using DSA better
The only DSA provider with World Class NPS and an average renewal rate of 95%.
We are obsessed with measuring and improving client satisfaction, our net promoter score and client retention.

Success Stories From Our Customers 

Improving share of search in a major UK retailer

Partnering with e.fundamentals helped this brand reverse-engineer a major retailer's search algorithm to improve product ranking.

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Optimizing shopper ratings and reviews

Learn how the UK’s number one brand for organic baby food worked with e.fundamentals to achieve their ambitious ratings and reviews targets.

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Building retailer relationships using data

Learn how a leading food brand built a strong retailer relationship using the e.fundamentals category insights.

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Retaining ecommerce sales during a global rebrand

Learn how we helped a food manufacturer retain ecommerce sales and digital shelf visibility during a global rebrand.

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Mitigating Ecommerce Risks

Find out how using the e.fundamentals platform helped an ambient food brand mitigate ecommerce risks during a recent online food joint venture.

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How we accelerated eCommerce sales growth for Bahlsen

A data-driven approach helped German biscuit brand Bahlsen drive category growth with UK retailers delivering a 8:1 ROI.

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See our scorecards in action with a 1:1 demo from our experts and ask us anything. 

A 4X ROI Commitment, the only DSA to commit to results.
Full Category Data - daily insights gathered from hundreds of retailers.
CPG experts at your side to build knowledge and capability across your teams.
Features and insights designed for key roles in category, ecommerce, sales and marketing teams.

e.fundamentals digital shelf analytics platform

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e.fundamentals is the leading digital shelf analytics  provider for CPG brands looking to analyze, measure and optimize eCommerce performance. We turn complex data from hundreds of retailers into actionable insights that enable eCom teams to take fast actions to drive sales and conversion on the digital shelf.



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